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20 Influencers Got Hit Back Hard For Their ‘Exposure’ Offer For Free Things


20 Influencers Got Hit Back Hard For Their ‘Exposure’ Offer For Free Things

It’s best they get a paying job!!

The confidence some individuals have in asking for free things is unbelievable. Beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers are increasing in numbers.

Most of them regularly disturb business establishments, demanding free food, accommodation, and services in an exchange for exposure.

And several times, business owners hit back hard at these shameless beings that call themselves Influencers on the different social media pages. Brighthumanity understands how we all need these individuals to be shamed once in a while, so read on

#1 Artist Counter-Offered To Let Influencers Prove Their Status

#2 The White Banana Beach Club Gave Us A Suggestion

#3 This Wannabe Made A Video About A Business Rejecting Her Offer To Be A Freeloader, But Got Hit Back

#4 The Decision Was Simple: Provide Free Ice Cream For 2 Days Or North Korea

#5 Haha! This Ice Cream Owner Decided To Make A Price Alteration

#6 Influencer Explained How Difficult It Is To Work As One At The Hotel

#7 Yes! Instagram Influencers Gets A Special Price

#8 A Fake Guru With Over 186k Followers Questioned ‘How Difficult It Can Be To Code.’

#9 Reality Cook Pair Tried Getting Free Food For Exposure

#10 Influencer Asked For Free Food For 320 Guests In An Exchange For A Few Posts

#11 Do It For Exposure! Laughing Out Loud

#12 Influencer Actually Tried To Be Charged For Free Food

#13 Pay This Model For Becoming Her Own Trainer

#14 Restaurants Thinks They Should Be Reviewed Normally

#15 Clothing Designer Found A Beggar Charging 500k-1m Followers With Her 8k Followers

#16 Accept the promotion or………

#17 Give Me Lunch In Exchange For Pictures And Reviews

#18 The Amount Of Emojis Is Totally Creepy

#19 Food Is Awesome, But This Yelper Expected A Discount For Having 11k Followers

#20 Ultra HD Photographers Accounted For Free Menu

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