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19 Olympics Showing Just How Amazing The Human Body Is


19 Olympics Showing Just How Amazing The Human Body Is

Wow! have a look.

The body and life of athletes are different from other people, but also similar to people who dedicate their life to something. Their passion translates into the muscles, and scars they gain throughout the years they practiced. They teach people just how far they can push the limits far beyond what they thought was normal.

The gymnasts, despite their short stature, flaunt their elasticity. The basketball players tower over other athletes, practically only stand side-by-side with volleyball players. The cyclists push their leg muscles to the point one might be frightened from the sight.

Size Difference Between Simone Biles And A US Volleyball Player David Lee


Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz Became The First Olympic Gold Medallist For The Philippines


Dead Last Of Her Heat In 800 Meters, But Yet We Are All Proud Of You: Sarah Attar, First Saudi Woman To Compete In Athletics At The Olympics


Leg Muscles Of The First Perfect 10 In Olympic History, At Age 14. Nadia Comaneci


An X-Ray Of A Gymnast Performing An Exercise


It May Look Easy On TV, But Just A Reminder Of What The Ski Jumpers Are Staring At. View From The Top Of The Olympic Ski Jump In Sochi, Russia


It’s All About The Olympics


Ex-World Champion Cyclist Janez Brajkovic Leg After A Race


Throwing Out The First Pitch For The Houston Astro’s


Verified On The Eve Of US Nationals


Feet From Dutch Olympic Swimming Champion Maarten Van Der Weijden After Swimming 163 Km/101 Mi In 55 Hours To Raise Money For Cancer Research


4’8″ Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Standing Next To 7’1″ Shaq


After Blazing Up The Track I Take It With Me


Olympians Alexander Volkov (Volleyball) And Seda Tutkhalyan (Gymnast). Team Russia


After Sixteen Stages In Tour De France I Think My Legs Look Little Tired


In 2009 J.R. Celski Sliced Through His Entire Left Quadriceps With His Right Skate Blade At The U.S. Olympic Trials


Olympic Rower’s Hands


When You Spend Every Day On A Bike vs. When You Retire And Ride Casually


Dutch Track Cyclist Laurine Van Riessen Riding The Wall Of The Track At The Rio Olympics


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