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15 Epic Celebs Photoshop Fails Show How Magazines Try To Fool People


15 Epic Celebs Photoshop Fails Show How Magazines Try To Fool People

Keeping things real is the preach.

Photoshop is the modern go-to tool for editing and altering photos. But changing pictures and placing a different spin on them is far from a new trend. Specifically, photoshopping is nothing in the entertainment, fashion, and magazine industries. For several years now, most people have been led to believe that the bodies and faces in some of the most well-known magazines were authentic and accurate representations of real life. Well, celebs and models are calling out publications for their unnecessary editing. 

Never get swept off feet by the filters/perfect post. And YES, some celebs seem to be getting very real. This article is hinged on being honest and transparent about everything, including wrinkles, aging, and body shape. A few of the compiled photos below were casually called out by fans, while many got outed by celebrities, who explicitly made it clear that they don’t like to be edited. Such stars include Zendaya and Penelope Cruz; the duo loves keeping things real. Have a look, enjoy!

Megan Fox.


Shailene Woodley.

Vanity Fair



Miley Cyrus.


It’s uncommon that Photoshop is prevalent in the picture-perfect universe of Hollywood. Yet, it doesn’t go unobserved, especially as most stars have taken to the internet to share their displeasure of edited photos. It has since become easier to call out unauthorized digital alteration; a new legion of conscious celebs have formed to hold publications that edit their photos accountable while preaching the importance of body positivity and self-acceptance.

Penelope Cruz.


Kim Kardashian.


Scarlett Johansson.


Ronda Rousey.


Photoshop came to the limelight in 1987, and indeed our lives instantly changed – any ugly duckling can virtually be transformed into a gorgeous swan. Nonetheless, whether it’s to smooth someone’s hair, slim a waist, or lift the chin, photoshopping someone’s physique is never OK. It maintains an unrealistic and often unattainable body image for fans. Thankfully, times are changing, and more stars are speaking out against altering their appearance beyond recognition. 

Zac Efron.


Keira Knightley.


Faith Hill.


Lindsay Lohan. 


It’s never a boring thing to be able to spot editing errors despite the professional touch. Social media and celebs are the fountains of unrealistic beauty standards. The perfect curves and everything should look spot-on. It turned out there are numerous instances where photos manipulation techniques have been misused, even to change history at times. We hope our compilation has been able to prove just how popular and wild this trend has been. 





Kristen Stewart.


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