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15 Celebs Who Prefer To Do Their Own Makeup Instead Of Getting A Stylist


15 Celebs Who Prefer To Do Their Own Makeup Instead Of Getting A Stylist

They don’t carry a whole squad for their looks!

When you think of celebrities, you might think of them with an entourage of professionals that take care of their appearance. But the same cannot be said for these stars who preferred to take care of their own makeup because they know best what they want.

From the former member of the royal family Meghan Markle to supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, these are stars who did not need a glam squad to shine on the red carpet.

Carrie Underwood

The singer shared that she doesn’t bring a stylist or any makeup artist for her tour. That’s because the ‘Good Girl’ singer does everything on her own and she loves doing it! In fact, it’s “therapeutic” for her since she loves makeup.

Michelle Obama

Former first lady Michelle Obama did not have a makeup artist for all her events because it was so hard to have hers, Ingrid Grimes-Myles, be there at all times. She ended up receiving some lessons from the artist and has been reusing the same technique to this day.


The Primetime Emmy Award winner actually loves doing her own makeup! After watching her own artists do it for her, she’s now enjoying it and has gone through a series of “trial and error” to perfect her own techniques.

“I pretty much do all my own makeup for events now. It’s very therapeutic for me,” shared the ‘Spider-Man: No way Home’ star. “Especially if I’m ever stressed out before a press junket or a big event. There’s something about taking that time to just be with yourself that I find very relaxing.”

Cheryl Cole

The ‘Fight For This Love’ singer prefers doing her own makeup because she knows her face best. She’s also got a few pointers from professionals. She shared with the Mirror, “I prefer to apply my own makeup. I’ve lived with this face for 31 years, so I know it better than anybody!”

Emily Ratajkowski

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Model Emily Ratajkowski does her own makeup without a makeup artist even on red carpet events. She told Into the Gloss, “I love having a glass of wine and taking my time to do it; that’s really fun for me.”

Avril Lavigne

Throughout her career, one can say that her heavy emo eye makeup is her trademark. Avril revealed in a recent interview with Allure that she doesn’t like people doing it and prefers to put one on herself.

“I just can’t stand people doing my makeup, because I know how I like it. If anything, I do half of it or let them touch me up,” she told them. “No one can do it right.”

“Plus, I can’t sit in a chair for an hour while someone’s doing my makeup. It drives me nuts, especially when I can do my smoky eye in two minutes.”

Sophia Bush

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The 39-year-old ‘Good Sam’ star reveals that makeup is one thing she does on her own most of the time. And she doesn’t “like to spend that long” on makeup, even for her red carpet events! She has a “five-minute face routine” and also buys her own products to use.

Lady Gaga

The ‘Shallow’ singer loves doing her own makeup and she particularly sticks with her iconic eyeliners. But she also collaborates with Sarah Tanno, her makeup artist who revealed that while she’s good with her lip, mascara, and liners, she never “dig through an eyeshadow drawer” and that’s where she plays her role.

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart loves acting and makeup. While she nails her roles in ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Hustlers’, many people don’t know that she is also behind her very own perfect makeup in those shows. She finds it “therapeutic” as well like some people, especially with so many people on set.

Jameela Jamil

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Jameela Jamil loves getting things done with her own hands, including her own makeup. The actress actually did her own face for ‘The Good Place’ as she really did not want to be exhausted from spending hours to do her makeup hours in advance. Realizing they spent over 105 minutes for that during season 1, she decided to change things.

She told E!, “I did my own makeup for the show, and someone else did my hair. I got the same amount of time for hair and makeup as the boys. Because I can’t be funny when I’m tired.”

Blake Lively

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The actress has worked with multiple professional makeup artists for her photoshoots and that helped her learn some pointers to do it on her own. She now does her own makeup and hair sometimes on events.

Meghan Markle

While she’s indeed married to the Royal Family, the former Duchess of Sussex loves doing her own makeup instead of leaving it to her makeup artist, Daniel Martin. She’s mostly done it herself unless it’s for major events like the Royal Wedding.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge shares that she also does her own makeup. Rumors from insiders were that she even did her own wedding makeup! Kate Middleton indeed got some lessons from makeup artist Arabella Preston and she became “comfortable and confident” to do it herself according to the wedding planner Mark Niemierko.

Diane Kruger

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Diana has been modeling since a young age and years of watching makeup artists work on her, it has helped her a lot in doing it on her own. Now she often does her own makeup for her red carpet appearances. She adds that she prefers to be lowkey with her makeup and is the “let the dress do all the talking” type.

Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne learned that she has sensitive skin and experienced extreme irritation (dermatitis) at a movie set because they weren’t using “the right products”. Since then she figured that it would be best to become her own makeup artist and pick her own products to use.

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