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10 Reasons Why Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman


10 Reasons Why Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

Can you handle the smoldering intensity of love?

Dating a woman with strong characters who seem to know where exactly she in life can be challenging. It’s not about figuring out things anymore but keeping up with the pace of your partner. They still have their weaknesses and vulnerability, but being strong means they’ve learned to embrace it as part of themselves.

You probably are having a crush or even dating with such a woman. If so, check these 10 reasons why your relationship could end and what you should do.

1. They are fighters.

Men typically want to feel like they can protect others. But strong women don’t really need that – they are fighters themselves. They don’t like waiting around for someone else to deal with the issue because they like to help when they can. You have to be someone who stands equally on her side.

2. They know what they want.

It’s really hard to knock a strong woman down her feet because they know what kind of men they want and need. Love is a subjective thing which is to say that strong women are simply harder to woo, not impossible. This means the only way to do this proves that you live up to their standards!

3. They demand honesty and appreciate vulnerability.

There’s no one in this world that has no weakness. If you are planning to get this strong woman as your life partner, she wants you to be reliable. But that’s not it – she wants you to trust her, in turn, to open up on your weakness as well.

4. They don’t hold back.

They make it clear that they want to be the one and only. Try even a little to cheat and you’re a goner.

5. They don’t tolerate lies.

Strong women are passionate about everything, including love. They give their trust to you and mostly expect only equal from you. Thus, a single lie can quickly bring your relationship crumbling down. Don’t even try to lie because strong women are perceptive.

6. They demand eternal integrity.

They hate people who can’t be consistent in what they do. They want a man who can make a clear-cut decision. When they feel like men are pulling away from them, it is not hard for them to reply with the same action.

7. They are intense.

They’ve been through the kind of hardships most people don’t. And while they may have shared their own stories, they will ask you to do the same. They always will, because they are looking for a good man who can share their stories and handle their intensity.

8. They have their own pace.

If you are used to leading a woman ahead, strong women don’t always let you do that. They have their own pace in life, thanks to having a clear goal on who they are and what they do. So, make it clear if you’re in it for her or not, because if you’re too late in answering, they might be long gone when you want to.

9. They love you unconditionally.

Their unconditional love can be brimming with passion and intensity that you’ve never faced before. Sometimes, it can lead to a bit of possessiveness, like a tiger who’ll bite when it’s not shown enough love. Men can feel like they’re a ‘burden’ or couldn’t accept being treated as if they’re at the receiver’s end.

10. They will tell you who you are.

There are things about ourselves that we love and don’t love. A strong woman will point out not only the good but also the bad ones. Whether that’s something you can improve in or something amazing about you, a strong woman wants you to be able to grow even better than ever. They want you to clearly know what you’re best at and what you can work on.

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